About us

Here’s a little dose of tough love:


“Being an entrepreneur is the most intense form of personal development you will ever go though”.

Work With Me

As with all successful relationships, our stars have to align if we’re going to work together. I’d like to understand where you are with your business to see if this is the right time to work together. I’d like to know WHY you’ve become an entrepreneur and what you’re hoping to accomplish.  If your top reasons are to make money, be really famous or enact a secret revenge plot against an old boss, then sadly we’re not a good fit. I want to work with clients who have a sincere desire to change the world. If not, you won’t be excited about growing your business and I won’t be excited to help you.

Benefits of working with me

If we choose to work together you’ll have access to me as a business mentor, strategist, marketing expert, spiritual sage and health advisor; all delivered with a healthy dose of tough love. Yes, I’ve been helping grow businesses for almost 20 years, but what makes me unique is my ability to fuse business and spirituality.


When I’m aligned with a client I can tell what their limiting beliefs are within 5 minutes and where they need to take action. I affectionately call this a Bullshit Detector, and I’m not afraid to use it.


Here’s a look at what clients have accomplished with me:


– Built and implemented a marketing strategy to launch their global online brand
– Removed the fear and procrastination that was blocking them from finding new clients
– Established powerful behaviours to focus on critical activities and learned how to say NO to time-wasting activities
– Healed personal relationships that were distracting them from growing their business
– Identified their unique gifts and passions, and combined them to create a unique and lucrative business model
– Developed a new workshop to help promote a recent book launch
– Created an executive training program to manage stress and overwhelm
– Built a community engagement plan to create a powerful community and attract new business opportunities


My unique coaching approach


I have to confess, I’ve lived a pretty charmed life. In my heart I know that all my unique experiences – especially the challenging ones – are what brought me to where I am today and have given me the wisdom to help my clients grow their businesses. I know I have a very unique background and approach, it’s holistic and I help people on multiple layers. For some people we work exclusively at one level during our time together and for others we dance seamlessly between different levels. Here’s a closer look at how I help.

Let’s work together


Feel aligned with my approach to conscious business? Here are some ways we can work together:

Conscious Business Mastermind Program

Do you have a really brilliant idea that you’ve been “talking about” for months or even years? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed or slightly off track with where your business is currently headed? This program combines the best of both worlds – the intelligence of a group learning environment and the guidance of an expert coach.

You’ll be matched with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and benefit from watching them on their journey. This 5 month program offers you the benefit of biweekly  mastermind calls and the option to add private coaching.


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Retreat Leader Training
(Become a RetreatU member)

Have you had the calling to become a retreat leader? RetreatU is a collective of passionate and heart-centered retreat lovers. We long for adventure and our collective dharma is to raise awareness about the magic of retreats and adventure travel. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to start running retreats.


This program is perfect for coaches, yoga and fitness teachers, health and wellness practitioners, body workers, healers and travel enthusiasts. You’ll learn the 5 Step Process of retreat planning, develop the mindset and build the confidence to host the retreat of your dreams.


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6 Month Engagement
(Executive Coaching)

This is ideal if you’re ready to get serious about growing your business or looking to switch up the focus of an existing biz. We’ll deep dive into your business, get clear on who you’re serving and why, and develop a plan of attack to skyrocket your biz.


You’ll receive dedicated one-on-one coaching sessions each month, as needed. Our sessions will take place over the phone and you’ll have direct email access to me between sessions. Remember, fear is just your greatness in disguise.

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